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Four New Books

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Post by Thunderpelt on Sat Sep 22, 2012 6:20 pm

Hey guys! So I found some new books! Here they are:


I believe these two are Ebooks.
Mistystar's Omen
Four New Books 211px-NO-2
A devastating challenge for the new leader of RiverClan . . .
In this original Warriors novella, when Leopardstar loses her ninth life, her longtime deputy, Mistyfoot, steps up to receive her new name—Mistystar—and lead her Clan through a troublesome time. But Mistystar is about to discover a shocking secret about RiverClan, and her leadership is plunged into crisis as soon as it begins.

Cloudstar's Journey
Four New Books 200px-NO-3
In this original Warriors novella, Cloudstar, leader of SkyClan, has watched over his Clanmates at the edge of the forest for many long seasons. But Twolegs are encroaching on SkyClan's land and SkyClan is in danger of being driven away. Cloudstar is forced to turn to the other Clans for help—but will they be willing to come to SkyClan's rescue?
Said to release January 29th 2013.

Tallstar's Revenge.
Four New Books 200px-SE-6
As a young WindClan warrior, Talltail’s life is marred by a tragedy that fills his heart with bitterness. He sets off on a dangerous path in search of revenge—far outside the bounds of the warrior code.
Said to release July 2nd 2013

Dawn of the Clans: The Sun Trail
Four New Books 211px-DTC-1
Before Rusty left his kittypet home...
Before Bluestar ruled ThunderClan...
Before Crookedstar made his fateful promise...
Find out how it all came to be in this brand-new arc that reveals the origins of the four Clans. Featuring a new cast of characters, a richly developed world, and a never-before-seen look at the history of the warrior cats, this prologue arc is perfect for existing fans and for those new to the Warriors world. With over thirteen million copies sold and each new title hitting the New York Times bestseller list, the Warriors series is a true phenomenon that will continue to take readers by storm.

Follow the trail of the rising sun . . .
For many moons, a tribe of cats has lived peacefully near the top of a mountain. But prey is scarce and seasons are harsh—and their leader fears they will not survive. When a mysterious vision reveals a land filled with food and water, a group of brave young cats sets off in search of a better home.
But great dangers await them. In this unfamiliar world, faced with loners and fierce rogues all vying for territory and power, the traveling cats must find a new way to live side by side—or risk tearing one another apart.
Said to release on March 5th 2013

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